Carl Meyer

      MA 523 --- On Line

      Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra

The Online Lectures

There are 28 lectures. Each one is roughly an hour long.

They are produced and streamed by NCSU DELTA, which means that you need a valid NCSU ID to access the lectures.

On-line Presenter

Prof. Carl D. Meyer

The actual instructor who you interact with varies with the semester

The Text Book

Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra by C. D. Meyer

Book+Solutions Manual+CD bundle available from the SIAM on-line store

Students for this course are eligible for a 20% discount on this text.

When checking out from the SIAM on-line store, enter the coupon code: BKCMAD

All NC State students are eligible for a free membership in SIAM. This qualifies them for other discounts.

Book+Solutions Manual+CD bundle available from (Amazon Prime is possible)

Book+Solutions Manual+CD bundle available at the NCSU Bookstore (retail price + tax)

CAUTION! Buying or renting a used copy of the book usually does not include the solutions manual or CD that came free of charge to the original buyer.
--- The free solutions manual and CD are attached to each newly purchased copy, and they cannot purchased separately.
--- Furthermore, printings before the third (last digit on the number immediately under the copyright) do not contain all of the material of subsequent printings, and they contain errors that are corrected in later printings.

Prerequisites and Outline

The prerequisite is an upper-level undergraduate linear algebra course that is equivalent to the NCSU MA 405 course.

The topics generally covered are those in the MA 523 Course Outline

Exams, Grading Policy, & Homework

Set by the instructor of record for your particular section.

Here are some suggested homework exercises

Course grades will be posted on the MYPACK Portal site at NCSU Registration & Records web site.

  • Entered your unity account and password
  • Click the FOR STUDENTS tab and select Academic Records
  • From there select VIEW MY GRADES

Supplementary Material

Least squares discussion.pdf

Singular value discussion.pdf