Summer 2008 REU Project

      Unsupervised Information Extraction Systems

    Student Participants
    • Bethany Herwaldt (University of Notre Dame)
    • Patrick Moran (College of Charleston)
    • Jeffrey Salter (Albany State University)

    • Carl D. Meyer (Faculty Advisor, NC State)
    • Ralph Abbey (Graduate Student Advisor, NC State)
    • Shaina Race (Graduate Student Advisor, NC State)

    Project Description
    • The project focused on mathematical and computer technology involved in building various kinds of unsupervised information extraction systems that can be used to mine the web for the purpose of product and feature evaluation.

    Conclusions & Results
    • New methods and algorithms were developed and code was written that utilized unsupervised learning methods in conjunction with clustering data mining techniques that would respond to a consumer query to reveal the web consensus about the important aspects and features of products/articles included in the query. Details are given in the final report.


    Final Report