Carl Meyer

      Summer 2011 REU Project

      Cluster Analytics

    Student Participants
    • Katelyn Gao (MIT)
    • Heather Hardeman (University of Montevallo)
    • Edward Lim (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Cristian Potter (East Carolina University)

    • Carl D. Meyer (Faculty Advisor, NC State)
    • Ralph Abbey (Graduate Student Advisor, NC State)

    Project Description
    • Given unorganized data that may be derived from text, images, or simply raw numerics, the objective is to develop new and innovative techniques for detecting, revealing, and analyzing hidden patterns and clusters of information that exhibit some sort of similarity or commonality. The size and diverse nature of the data sets of interest make this a formidable but extremely important problem in areas that include national security, military intelligence, bioinformatics, knowledge discovery, corporate sales strategy, and industrial and government forecasting, decision making, and planning.
    • The first part of the project will be to learn and understand how to use some of the state-of-the art techniques by analyzing some selected practical applications.
    • The second part of the research will involve exploring the possibilities of developing some new methodologies and algorithms.
    • The mathematics employed involves linear algebra, probability and statistics, networks and graphs, numerical analysis, and scientific computing principles.


    Final Report