Carl Meyer

      Summer 2007 REU Project

      Data Mining, Search, and Retrieval Systems

    Student Participants
    • Ralph Abbey (North Carolina State University)
    • Jeremy Diepenbrock (Washington University)
    • Dexin Zhou (Bard College)

    • Carl D. Meyer (Faculty Advisor, NC State)
    • Shaina Race (Graduate Student Advisor, NC State)
    • Amy Langville (Secondary Faculty Advisor, College of Charleston)

    Project Description
    • The project focused on mathematical and computer technology involved in building various kinds of data mining, search, and retrieval systems. The search and retrieval methods ranged from classical latent semantic indexing systems through Google's pagerank technology. The data mining components revolved around a variety of data clustering schemes.

    Conclusions & Results
    • New clustering techniques involving gapped PDDP and extended Fiedler algorithms were developed. In addition, a new concept of cluster aggregation was formulated that appears to outperform many standard clustering algorithms. Details are given in the final report.

    • The poster presentation given at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, McKimmon Center, NC State University, (9/2/2007)

    Final Report